If you’re part of the cord-cutting revolution, with an iOS device in your arsenal, you might be interested in using these great apps with the playmoTV gateway for instant viewing or listening pleasure.



Netflix Netflix: Everybody knows and loves Netflix, the biggest mama of them all. With more than 30 million subscribers worldwide, the $7.99 all-you-can-watch video buffet is something you might definitely be interested in. Netflix is supported on almost every device we have seen, one of which is of course the popular iOS platform.
Price: $7.99/month
 Hulu Plus Hulu Plus: Just like Netflix, Hulu Plus offers unlimited instant streaming of current hit shows, classic series and critically-acclaimed movies. Hulu Plus has thousands of hours of television content, ranging from current shows like Modern Family and Glee to older shows like St. Elsewhere and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The service is great for catching up on recent shows or watching shows you loved as a teenager. iOS users can pay for the service using their Apple account, but we’ve also written our own guide on how to use the service outside the US
Price: $7.99/month with limited advertising.
 Amazon Instant Video - iTunes Amazon Instant Video: Commercial-free streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video offers a variety of shows and movies. Amazon Instant Video is slightly cheaper than both Hulu Plus and Netflix, but while those services allow you to pay monthly, Amazon makes you pay for a year up front.
Price: $79.99/year ($6.67/month). While you’re here, check out our guide on how to watch Amazon Instant Video outside the US.
 Crunchyroll - iTunes Crunchyroll: Like we covered in our recent blog post, Crunchyroll is a service for Anime and Asian drama lovers. Some of the content is available for free, while other titles require a subscription.
Price: Free but with a subscription you also get earlier availability for current shows (1 hour after they’re aired in Japan).
 Crackle - iTunes Crackle: Similar to Hulu Plus, without the subscription. Crackle has hundreds of titles available for streaming on demand. Owned by Sony Pictures, its content is primarily from the Sony’s library of TV shows and movies.
Price: Free
 A & E - iTunes A&E: With the A&E app you can watch Dog the Bounty Hunter, Storage Wars, Cold Case Files and many more of your favorite A&E shows on demand, directly from your iOS device totally free.
Price: Free.
 NBC - iTunes NBC: With the NBC app you can watch over 100 full episodes of your favorite NBC shows on demand, wherever you want. Shows like 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and much more.
Price: Free
 Lifetime - iTunes Lifetime: The Lifetime app gives you full access to all the reality, drama and movies Lifetime has to offer like Project Runway and Devious Maids. Users can watch full episodes, exclusive clips and create a customisable watchlist of upcoming shows.
Price: Free
 Watch ABC - iTunes Watch ABC: Watch shows from one of America’s most beloved television networks on demand. ABC has some great shows like Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Good Morning America, General Hospital, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and more.
Price: Free
 FOX Soccer 2Go FOX Soccer 2Go: A great solution for the football fans. Most games are viewable live but some on tape delay. During the 2013/2014 season FOX Soccer 2Go will air over 1200 live and on demand games, featuring games from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the FA Cup and much more.
Price: $19.99/month or $169.99/year ($14.15/month)
 PBS - iTunes PBS: USA’s Public Broadasting Service is kind of like the BBC and offes great programming like Frontline, Nature, Downton Abbey, Sesame Street, Bob the Builder and much more.
Price: Free.


 Pandora - iTunes Pandora Radio: Pandora radio is a free personalised radio. Give Pandora your favourite artists, songs or genres, and Pandora will create a custom radio station just for you. Pandora radio is free, but you can also subscribe to Pandora One which gives you an ad free experience, fewer interruptions and higher audio quality.
Price: Free (with ads) or $3.99/month.
 Rdio - iTunes Rdio: An ad-free all-you-can-listen music service created by the same guys that brought us Skype and Kazaa. Some people say it does a better job than Spotify with recommendations and playlist curation. Rdio Unlimited users can download songs for offline use. Rdio allows its users to go “abroad” for 30 days at a time, so you can use your US Rdio account even though you are connected to your local 3G/4G network. Catalog: 20+ million songs.
Price: $9.99/month for Rdio Unlimited.
 Spotify - iTunes Spotify: Just like Beats headphones are the most recognised headphone brand today, Spotify is the first name that pops up in people’s minds when they think of a music streaming service. Just like Rdio, Spotify Unlimited users can download songs to their mobile devices for offline use. Spotify allows its users to go “abroad” for 14 days at a time, so you’re able to play your favourite tunes while on the road. Catalog: 20+ million songs
Price: $9.99/month for Unlimited.