DNS Ad-Blocking with playmoTV

DNS ad-blocking playmoTV

We’re happy to announce that now you can block ads and further protect your privacy via the playmoTV DNS gateway. By using any of the DNS servers listed at the end of this post you can access digital media (like before), remove unwanted ads and block web trackers, resulting in a faster and open internet. We think you will enjoy it.

During our tests, we noticed that when using any of the DNS servers with these new features, that the website load would decrease by 20-30%, sometimes more.

Here are a few examples of the bandwidth savings when using our DNS servers with tracking and ad-blocking capabilities.

Website           Standard visit      New DNS servers
Buzzfeed.com 3,3 MB 2,7 MB = 18% less data
HuffPost.com 602 KB 153 KB = 75% less data
CNN.com 4,1 MB 2,0 MB = 51% less data


But I use an ad-blocker!

That is great, and your ad-blocker might be sufficient for your needs, but some ad-blockers can be heavy on your system resources, thus affecting its performance.

Some ad-blockers also allow certain ads through their ad-blocker, while others sell aggregate blocking data to publishers and ad networks so they can monitor their ad performance.

Certain websites are able to detect an ad-blocker and limit you from accessing their content unless it’s disabled.

Advantages of DNS based ad-blocking

Using our DNS based ad-blocker will block ads and trackers on all browsers. That way, you are able to block ads when using Chrome on iOS, where you are not able to install an ad-blocker. This applies to laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, TVs. Pretty much all devices with internet connectivity in your home.

Our DNS based ad-blocker should also improve your network performance because the ads and trackers are blocked before the site loads, whereas many ad-blockers download the ads and just hide them.

How can start using these servers?

The new ad-blocking DNS servers are currently available for beta testing, so if you wanna try it out, then set your device to any of these DNS servers (pick the server that’s geographically the closest one from your location):




The locations were picked based user feedback. We welcome any feedback or bug reports when using these DNS servers on your devices.

Even more Netflix

The team has been hard at work adding new Netflix locations for the past weeks and making playmoTV work even better on all your streaming devices.

Entire Netflix - 6 new countries added

We’ve now got a total of 22 Netflix locations for you to switch between. Our latest additions are: Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand and Iceland.

We are not done yet so please let us know if your favourite is missing from our list by voting on twitter or our facebook page using #EntireNetflix and the country you want.

For more information about the Netflix Switcher see: http://playmo.tv/netflix-switcher/

One more thing…
We been asked a lot about the recent Netflix changes that they are blocking VPN, Smart DNS or any proxy services but we can confirm that playmoTV is currently streaming on all cylinders!

Make the playmoTV linker do all the hard work for you

Over the past few months our team has working tirelessly (as always) on improving our playmoTV linker for Mac and making a revamped Windows version, thus replacing our first generation of the playmoTV linker for Windows.

Like with most software companies, it took us a while and some trial and error to find our groove, but we believe that we’ve really hit our stride now.

Why should I install the playmoTV linker?
On the setup pages for the playmoTV linker (Mac | Windows) we mention that our linker does two things, and it does those things very well:

  1. It links/unlinks your computer to/from the playmoTV gateway with one click.
  2. It updates your IP address automatically, so you don’t have to visit our site to update your location.

#1: Linking computers to the playmoTV gateway can be a cumbersome process, especially on Windows computers, where users have to dig into complicated network settings. Making changes to network settings comes easy for some users but is like climbing Mount Everest to others.

#2: Our authentication system gives your IP address a green light, so you can watch Netflix and other geo-blocked services via the playmoTV gateway. This is a necessary evil because otherwise users would be able to simply add our DNS servers to their devices and stream our supported services for free. Furthermore, knowing your IP address is essential with our Netflix Switcher. This feature might be reason enough to keep the linker running on your home computer, even though you may not watch Netflix and other geo-blocked services on it.

Even with this big update we don’t consider the playmoTV linker to be a finished product, and much like all the applications you run on a daily basis, our applications will get updates, bug fixes and new features that we think will be handy for our users.

Download the linker right now for free on Mac or Windows

We respect your privacy (unlike Hola)

privacy in response to Hola

Following recent news about Hola, which is selling users’ bandwidth for botnets, we wanted to talk about a few things in regards to our privacy policy.

There’s this great quote that comes into mind:

When an online service is free, you’re not the customer. You’re the product.

playmoTV is a paid premium service and in return we fully respect that you’ve paid for something and we will deliver what we promise. If we don’t fulfill your expectations, you should let us know. We live by our statement that if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. On that account, if you feel that we haven’t made necessary adjustments or helped you out, ask us for a refund.

When we started playmoTV one of the first decisions made was that we were going to be brutally honest about everything. There are no hidden things and we don’t do anything behind the curtains. Our single purpose is to provide you with access to online streaming services, and in return we ask for a modest payment, so we can feed our children – just like yourself :)

We are offering our online streaming service through what we call the playmoTV Gateway. We’ve spent a long time building our platform from the ground up using our own DNS servers and our own custom built software to deliver the best possible service we can. The first line of code was written in May 2011 (man, the time does go by fast!)

One of the most important parts of playmoTV is respecting your privacy. If we would ever violate your trust we wouldn’t be able to continue servicing our customers.

The full details of our official Privacy Policy can be found here:

Feel free to contact us by clicking the “Contact Us” button on the right and ask us about anything you would like to know. You will get a personal reply from a human and not some computer generated answer :)


the playmoTV stream team

Our new Mac OS X Linker

We are so happy to announce that our first version of the playmoTV Mac OS X Linker is now live.

We’ve been working on this addition for a while now and it has some great things built in besides that fact that you don’t have to manually fiddle with your DNS settings. Even though we’ve tried making linking as simple as possible, it still doesn’t beat linking with the single click of a button.

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Bitcoin FTW!

We are all about making everything as convenient and straightforward for our customers as possible. We’ve made several upgrades to our systems and we are constantly thinking of new and evolving ideas to serve our streamers better.

We take that philosophy seriously and like to get out in front of things too – that’s why on May 1st we began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for your playmoTV streaming services! Since 2011, we’ve exclusively used PayPal to turn your money into our money, but we think Bitcoin is going to play a big role in electronic payments in the next few months and years, so we’d like to offer it to our customers.

A bit of a primer on Bitcoin, in case you’re like, “Hey, what’s that, dude?”: Essentially, it’s a peer-to-peer electronic currency, meaning it’s not controlled by a central bank or authority. Instead, each bitcoin is encoded within a ledger and tracked as it travels from person to person. It’s encoded with who owns it and each transaction in which it’s used. Since no single entity controls it (the processing of bitcoins takes place over hundreds of thousands of individual computers), it’s super secure. It’s a great independent system and we’re happy to offer it to our customers!

Now, because the value of bitcoins can change so frequently, we are going to have to give you a quote for the value – no worries though, the price of playmoTV remains the same and we’ll be sure to get you the best bang for your bit!

To get our new Bitcoin payment system moving, we’re offering exclusive streaming packages to our friends who choose to use Bitcoin as their form of payment. Check it out; We are going to give the first 10 Bitcoin adopters 40% discount of playmoTV streaming days. It’s a steal dudes, it really is!

If you need any more information, want to request a quote or have questions about anything, feel free to drop us a line. We’re here for you streamers!

Updated 2014-09-13: We have integrated Coinbase. This makes the old quoting mechanism redundant and instead we have a fully automated process for Bitcoin just like our other payment processes.

The playmoTV mobile web app

Here at playmoTV we’re always striving for greatness. So the other day we were sitting around and thought to ourselves, “Mobile! We need to go mobile!” That’s what we’re talking about here today and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it!

Why are we so excited? Because the new mobile web app makes things so much easier for our streamers! Right from your phone or tablet you can do things that you used to have to fire up a computer for. No more!

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Our biggest upgrade ever

Hi Streamers!

You may remember back in November we were rather long winded about a number of changes and improvements we were going to be making to the playmoTV system this year. It’s time for one of those improvements! Today and over the next few days, we’ll be rolling out our brand new and shiny playmoTV Smart DNS structure.

Our new lineup of DNS servers is ready but you need to be too.

We are asking all playmoTV streamers to update their DNS on every device. Here is the full lineup but you can also visit our Setup page and pick your device for our detailed setup instructions.

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